Deconstruct Your GTM DNA and Amplify Your Revenue in days

With the industry's first Revenue Amplification PlatformTM (RAP). Powered by patented deep AI, salesDNA's RAP delivers Full-Funnel ObservabilityTM and AccountabilityTM to help B2B companies deconstruct their DNA to eliminate wastage and revenue leakage.


200% Higher Pipeline Win Rates

  • Update account targeting daily with dynamic, AI-powered recommendations
  • Focus on highest quality or the most winnable opportunities
  • Execute on the AI-recommended Next-Best-Actions (NBA) that move the needle
  • Surgically provide marketing air cover to accelerate sluggish pipeline
“salesDNA can identify and eliminate funnel sluggishness and improve pipeline conversion rates. Win rates can more than double in just one quarter".

Abde Tambawala
VP of RevOps

What customers say about us :

"salesDNA helps hyper-growth companies become more efficient with their GTM dollars. Within days, salesDNA's powerful AI algorithms can identify 20% of wasteful sales and marketing activities.”

Kiran Choudary

50% Improvement in Sales Productivity

  • Eliminate sales meetings and tasks wasted targeting poor accounts
  • Focus sales meetings and tasks on the highest quality opportunities that are expected to win at 2x the normal win rates
  • Execute AI-recommended Next-Best-Actions to improve win rates
  • Target accounts that are most likely to generate highest quality pipeline
“salesDNA's deep AI is able to very quickly deliver funnel prioritization which helps identify where sellers are chasing poor accounts and opportunities. With such insights, leadership is able to coach reps in an  objective manner and dramatically improve pipeline win rates".

Moshe Milman, COO

3x Generation of Higher Quality Pipeline

  • Update account targeting daily with dynamic, AI-powered recommendations
  • Supercharge Demand Gen tactics targeting the most prolific accounts
  • Call down the most prolific accounts with outbound SDRs
  • Surgically provide marketing air cover to accelerate sluggish pipeline
“salesDNA's deep AI is able to identify all those high propensity accounts that generate pipeline of the highest quality. This makes demand gen and outbound SDR teams super productive."

Jyothi Swaroop

20% Improvement in Marketing Spend Efficiency

  • Double-down on targeting the most prolific accounts
  • Target the best accounts with the most effective marketing campaigns that contribute towards revenue generation
  • Eliminate wasteful marketing tactics landing on the suboptimal accounts and opportunities
“salesDNA helped us identify the best accounts and the best tactics to target them with. It's powerful AI helped us generate very high qualify pipeline that resulted into doubling our revenues.”

Omed Habib, VP of Marketing

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