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Kickstart your GTM DNA analysis and amplify your revenues

The world's hottest companies trust salesDNA to Amplify Revenues

salesDNA Ingests Data with Simple Read-Only Access to Your CRM

salesDNA's Revenue Amplification Platform is SOC 2 compliant. All it needs it is read-only access to your CRM system and it will ingest your sales and marketing data sets.

salesDNA Unifies Your Sales and Marketing Data

salesDNA's Revenue Amplification Platform ingests and stitches your entire GTM data set into a unified data store.

salesDNA Analyzes Your GTM Data with Patented AI

salesDNA's patented AI algorithms run against the unified data store to deconstruct your GTM DNA and identify inefficiencies as well as opportunities for growth.

STEP IV: salesDNA Delivers Recommendations at Your Fingertips

salesDNA delivers Full-Funnel ObservabilityTM and Recommendations to the user in the context of their daily workflows. These recommendations eliminate inefficiencies and help tap into positive trends.

salesDNA's Self-Learning Algorithms Continuously Fine-tune Your GTM

salesDNA's AI continues to learn from your teams behavior as well as customer responses daily. It continues to fine-tune its recommendations and powers the pursuit of on-going revenue amplification.

Deconstruct Your DNA in FIVE days!

  • Learn which accounts are the best to target
  • Understand which campaigns are most likely to generate revenues
  • Prioritize the most winnable opportunities improve win rates
  • Improve your odds of winning opportunities with the AI-recommended next-best-actions
“Midnight was our first template. It was without doubt the main factor to our success."

Philip Wink
CEO & Founder

Never Worry About the Security of Your Data

  • RAP is a SOC 2 compliant platform
  • Your data remains encrypted at rest
  • Your data remains encrypted while in motion
  • All access to the platform is MFA-enabled
“Midnight is the template all startups need. High-converting, fast, and beautiful”.

Eric Tunner, CEO & Founder

What customers say about us :

"salesDNA helps hyper-growth companies become more efficient with their GTM dollars. Within days, salesDNA's powerful AI algorithms can identify 20% of wasteful sales and marketing activities.”

Kiran Choudary

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