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"salesDNA helps hyper-growth companies become more efficient with their GTM dollars. Within days, salesDNA's powerful AI algorithms can identify 20% of wasteful sales and marketing activities.”

Kiran Choudary
Question 1

How does salesDNA pricing work?

salesDNA RAP is available on an annual subscription basis. There is a per seat component to the pricing and there is a platform fee, which is based on the number of users supported.

Question 2

How much does salesDNA cost per seat?

salesDNA offers a rich set of AI-powered features that are available in a la carte fashion. Please get in touch with us to share your requirements and learn more.

Question 3

Do integrations cost extra?

Integrations to standard CRM and marketing automation platforms do not cost extra. While most custom data sources will not cost extra, some costs may be incurred in incorporating complex and cumbersome data sources.

Question 4

How long does it take to get the first round of salesDNA's AI-powered recommendations?

salesDNA uses patented AI to ingest your data sets, to analyze your data sets, and deliver insights. This AI-powered automation enables the salesDNA RAP to deliver insights at your fingertips within 5 days.

Question 5

Where is salesDNA SaaS hosted? Is my data safe?

salesDNA RAP is hosted on AWS. The platform is SOC 2 compliant. Your data is encrypted while at rest, while in motion, and access to the platform is MFA-enabled.