No more AI-washing. Real revenue teams need real AI assistance.

GTM is too big and important a function to not be powered by the most cutting-edge AI assistance available out there.


Our Story

For far too long, revenue teams have had to make do with basic reporting tools. These reporting tools are static, backward-looking, and leave it to the user to interpret reports and make decisions. The world of AI has progressed so much so that trained AI machines are beating humans at the most sophisticated strategy games such as Go. For a lynchpin function such as GTM that owns the biggest line item on any company P&L, the best the SaaS industry has to offer is rather dismal today.

The ambitious salesDNA team set out to take on this challenge. Being one of the largest, hairiest, and most pervasive problems in the world, we assembled some of the best-in-class talents across the globe that have mastered their craft over decades.

salesDNA’s mission is to provide B2B revenue teams with an AI-powered compass to provide direction for every revenue-related decision. By providing one unified model and one unified AI, we help seamlessly align decisions whether they are made inside the boardroom or in the trenches and whether they are made by the marketer or the seller. This alignment improves efficiencies and snowballs into revenue amplification.

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Get To Know The Artisans

Maneesh Joshi

CO-founder & CEO

Maneesh brings 25 years of experience in building billion-dollar products and companies. Previously, he has worn several hats as the CMO, VP/GM, and Head of Engineering roles across large and early stage B2B companies.

Subhas Kumar Ghosh

co-founder, CTO

Subhas brings 25 years of experience in research and architecting extreme scale products. Previously, he has published dozens of research publications and filed multiple patents.

Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu

Head of Data science

Naveen brings 15 years of experience in ML and AI research and their applications. He is a PhD is AI and a Fulbright Scholar. He is constantly tinkering with the bleeding edge research in AI and ML.

Prudhvi Kalakota

Head of engineering

Prudhvi brings 15 years of experience in building enterprise-grade platforms. He has worked at several successful startups as the full-stack engineer as well as engineering leader.

Shamaila Mahmood

Full-stack developer

Shamaila brings 20 years of experience in building enterprise-grade platforms. She specializes rapid prototyping of ideas that can be easily scaled up to production worthy code.

Tim Dunlea


Tim brings 20 years of experience selling sales and marketing tech into B2B companies. Starting his career as a software engineer, he has played several critical roles in growing startups out of garages to late-stage B2B companies.

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